Jove's Hand

For God and Country, Forever and Always

Young Man: 2013 New Mexico Music Awards WINNER, Indie Rock Category

Mama Said, You Can’t, Be-gin, Young Man
I tried to raise you right but, it bit me in the back

My son, Your gun, I’m stunned, Just run
The bullets in your hand are, the bullets of the man

She don’t, Sing no, Good tones, Good Lord
Tried to get her to give it up, but that’s a sleight of hand

Come on, This one, Be-come, Daggum
Too bad her momma ain’t one you, you happen to love

Re-load, That toad, He low, No more
Gonna put that piece of metal right where, the sun don’t have a chance to shine

Here’s a fist, Here’s a knife, Here’s a gun, You’re gonna take my life, You ain’t no, good man of mine

Oh no good man of mine

This is the love, for my, son

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